In Ciments Molins Industrial we focus our activity on the manufacture and sale of both cast and Portland cements. Since 1997 we have continued the activity started at the end of the 1920's by Cementos Molins S.A., who transferred their manufacturing assets to us. The company's current production capacity is 1,400,000 annual tonnes of clinker of Portland cement.

Our Philosophy
The company is clearly client-oriented. For this reason, we adapt our work and we offer the greatest flexibility in our schedules both for client services as well as for loading and delivery. The service that we offer is based on constant assessment by our technical staff, who accompany you throughout the sales and after-sales process.
Our company's policy on safety issues is not limited to training workers and carrying out regular controls; we have also kicked off an important awareness campaign oriented outward with the goal of informing about and preventing labour accidents.
Environmental Commitment
We are conscientious that the construction industry has a large impact on the environment. In Ciments Molins Industrial we have made an Environmental Commitment which allows us to decrease this impact through a series of actions and to contribute to protecting the natural environment more effectively.