Quality Policy

Safety Policy


Preventing workplace accidents and professional illnesses is one of CMISA's main objectives. To achieve this end, the required and appropriate measures have been put into place and will continue to be added, sparing no effort.


The task of Management is to track the policy and to provide the necessary resources to guarantee the best safety conditions possible, both in the facilities as well as in the work procedures.


Management must ensure that all workers perform their tasks safely and the workers have the right to resort to safety regulations and to participate actively in the execution of the prevailing Safety Manual, edited by our Workplace Hazard Prevention Service and CMISA's Health and Safety Committee.


The company's management wishes to make it clear to the directors carrying out any type of work, the required nature of complying and ensuring compliance with Safety Regulations, considering the possible risks, adopting in all cases the appropriate measures, in a way which complement, if necessary, the established regulations.