CEM I 52,5 R
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The SUPER-DRAGON cement manufactured by Cementos Molins Industrial, S.A. is a very high resistant, 52 5 R Portland type I cement. It has been especially designed to cover the needs of the prepared concrete sectors and the precast concrete sectors in the high and very high resistance ranges. Its special features are:
Special characteristics
Very high resistances.
Initial and final. Its resistance to compression at 28 days places it in the high range of cements in its category.
Quick hardening.
This cement is recommended to create mortars and concretes for high and very high performance, as well as to construct precast elements, especially for high resistances in early ages.

Technical features





Shipping and storage

In 35kg bags and in bulk.

Conserve in bulk in an sealed silo. In bags, conserve it in closed bags in a cool, dry and ventilated area, protected from air currents and isolated from the floor and walls.

Especially recommended for

Construction with mass reinforced concrete and precast elements with high mechanical resistances at all ages.

Precast with hygrothermal treatment.

Not suitable for

Construction in water, in aggressive environments or terrains. Large volume mass concrete, especially with high dosages.

Precautions when putting into use

Prevent fissures of retraction, particularly in large volumes in case of high dosages

Prevent dessication through appropriate and prolonged care, especially in dry climates with high temperatures and wind.