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Product description

SÚPER BLANCO (BL I 52,5 R) is a white portland cement designed to manufacture high initial and final strength concretes. Moreover, SUPER BLANCO is specially recommended to formulate dry mix mortars for the building chemistry.



High reactivity control for building chemistry industry mortars.  

Top early and end strength for precast solutions. 

High whiteness to outline building solutions as aesthetics and beauty are added values.





Specifications according

to the standards

Clinker 95 a 100%
Minor component 0 a 5% 


Loss of ignition ≤ 5,0%
Chlorides, (Cl-) ≤ 0,10%
Sulfhate (SO3) ≤ 4,0%
Insoluble residue ≤ 5,0%
Chrome (Vl) ≤ 2ppm


Soundness Le chatelier ≤ 10mm
Initial setting time ≥ 45 minutos


Compressive strenght at 2 days ≥ 30 MPa
Compressive strenght at 28 days ≥ 52,5 Mpa


Whiteness (UNE 80305)  
Brightness L ≥ 85